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The Truth About Partisan Extremist Terra Lawson-Remer
Arrest Record

In 1999, Supervisor Candidate Terra Lawson-Remer was arrested during the WTO riots in Seattle.

In 2004, Terra Lawson-Remer was arrested and arraigned on charges of felony assault, reckless endangerment, and criminal trespass after rappelling a New York City skyscraper in a dangerous political stunt. (1) A police officer injured during her arrest sustained injuries that required 36 stitches. Terra says that the officer “tripped and slightly injured his leg” on her campaign website.

Then-Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, called Lawson-Remer’s actions “an outrage,” continuing to say that “you don’t have a right to put other people’s lives at risk.” (2)

Additional Sources Not Hyperlinked:
1. New York Daily Post, 8/27/04
2. New York Times, 8/28/04

Radical Views

Terra Lawson-Remer praised and defended Fidel Castro’s authoritarian communist regime, stating that “communism has been far more beneficial to the majority of Cubans” in an op-ed she wrote.

Terra Lawson-Remer labeled the World Trade Organization as a “secret global government, and called Seattle Police Officers “hired hitmen” protecting an “elite world order.”

Terra Lawson-Remer was a member – and media spokesperson – for a radical group that called capitalism a form of “systemic oppression” that required “critical analysis.”

Terra Lawson-Remer has been critical of private property rights, stating that “in many circumstances collective resource ownership is actually more functional and effective than individualized ownership.”

Terra Lawson-Remer complains about Washington D.C. gridlock coming to San Diego, yet she seems to be the most radical, partisan candidate we’ve ever seen.

On November 3rd,
Reject the Washington D.C. gridlock,
Reject the radical partisan agendas,
Reject Terra Lawson-Remer.

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