Joe Leventhal is focused on securing our schools, protecting our neighborhoods, and reviving our local economy. On November 3rd, cast your vote for Joe Leventhal for San Diego City Council.

A devoted husband and father of three, Joe has lived in San Diego for almost 20 years. A UC San Diego graduate, Joe is a practicing attorney. In our community, he has spent volunteering with groups such as the Rancho Bernardo Rotary Club and Rancho Bernardo Community Foundation. Joe also serves as a member of the San Diego Ethics Commission.

Joe’s Plan for San Diego


Joe has proposed a “Safe Schools Initiative” to examine the areas within a half-mile of all K-12 schools in San Diego with the goal of ensuring safe access.


Joe will stand with our first responders and ensure they have the resources and training necessary to keep our communities safe.


Joe will work hard to ensure a quick recovery from the COVID-19 crisis by working with our local businesses, and not against them.

Join Mayor Kevin Faulconer, Father Joe Carroll, and
former Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman in supporting Joe!

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