Since being elected in 2016, Supervisor Kristin Gaspar has worked to solve our region’s homelessness problem, fought to ensure that North County gets its share of road improvements, and collaborated with non-profits to rescue missing and abused children.

On November 3rd, Re-Elect Supervisor Kristin Gaspar.

Meet Kristin Gaspar

Before being elected as our County Supervisor in 2016, Kristin served on the City Council and as the first elected Mayor of Encinitas. Kristin, her husband, and three kids live there today.

Kristin serves as the Chief Financial Officer of her family’s business, employing over 100 locals.

Kristin’s Accomplishments

  • Helping to solve the region’s homelessness problem permanently with innovative programs that help people – including our military veterans – with mental health and addiction issues get much-needed care and off the streets.
  • Fighting to fund local street and road improvements that were promised to North County. Kristin has opposed all attempts to divert taxes paid by North County from going to other projects elsewhere in the county.
  • Working with non-profits focused on rescuing missing and abused children, and investing in programs designed to disrupt human traffic rings and help shelter victims.

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